Thursday, May 7, 2009

My Invisible Caress

Miles apart we’re together;

Mountains and seas insisted the severing.

Yet hearts and minds were wiser,

So we kept in communicating.

You came to me just as nothing

Until you became a wonder.

Maybe, you’re practicing what I love;

I want to become your Math challenger.

And you touched me invisibly and dearly;

You made me smile, then laugh, then cry.

I tried to escape from it freely

But found myself guilty.

I pondered to reach the reason’s zenith.

And realized it is part of what we call life.

I’ve known and met so many

But I want to live with you infinitely.

Never have I met you

But I yearn to hold and walk with you

Through ups and downs, through thick and thin.

Yet, all just belong to impossibility.

Life’s a circle of uncertainty.

No place has I to you.

It left me in great sorrow;

Living death pressing me down below.

Albeit all these,

I want you to hear my echo:

“Thank you Lord God

For sending such a kind of inspiration.”

Truly, you’re indispensable to me, my baby.

But I should get out of this ephemeral feeling

‘Coz I know, to you, I’m not breathing…

From the bottom of my heart, thank you for everything...


Anonymous said...

iiiwwww.. :D

Anonymous said...

its just a nice piece... be a good writer...

EL-EL said...

thank you.. :)

jitesh upadhyay said...

you are an emotional person i can guess......i am such a lucky person after being a friend of you

Anonymous said...

yuckzz................iwwwwwwwww..just realized.......

Ejay Dagpin said...


Ejay Dagpin said...