Saturday, May 9, 2009

I’m Turning 18

I am living in wonder these past months.
There were twelve thousand reasons to rejoice,
But fourteen thousand liters for the lachrymals’,
A million brains I needed all in all.

I departed for remarkable joy.
The experience which no one could destroy
Left the spirit in glee,
Unknowing of the future’s worry.

And oh! The grave pain came in
Like ballast of being insane.
How could I take her lusty sin
When I saw her in perfect frame?

How could I picture the scene
When I highly appreciated her bannered name?
That blew a fire,
Converted blames into peaceful destruction.

And weeping rushed
From my sleepless eyes of innocence.
How could I continue my aim
When visions were already broken?

It lasted months of enduring
Until time helped me
Not in chasing pain but of reminding

That I’m turning 18.

Thursday, May 7, 2009

My Invisible Caress

Miles apart we’re together;

Mountains and seas insisted the severing.

Yet hearts and minds were wiser,

So we kept in communicating.

You came to me just as nothing

Until you became a wonder.

Maybe, you’re practicing what I love;

I want to become your Math challenger.

And you touched me invisibly and dearly;

You made me smile, then laugh, then cry.

I tried to escape from it freely

But found myself guilty.

I pondered to reach the reason’s zenith.

And realized it is part of what we call life.

I’ve known and met so many

But I want to live with you infinitely.

Never have I met you

But I yearn to hold and walk with you

Through ups and downs, through thick and thin.

Yet, all just belong to impossibility.

Life’s a circle of uncertainty.

No place has I to you.

It left me in great sorrow;

Living death pressing me down below.

Albeit all these,

I want you to hear my echo:

“Thank you Lord God

For sending such a kind of inspiration.”

Truly, you’re indispensable to me, my baby.

But I should get out of this ephemeral feeling

‘Coz I know, to you, I’m not breathing…

From the bottom of my heart, thank you for everything...