Saturday, May 9, 2009

I’m Turning 18

I am living in wonder these past months.
There were twelve thousand reasons to rejoice,
But fourteen thousand liters for the lachrymals’,
A million brains I needed all in all.

I departed for remarkable joy.
The experience which no one could destroy
Left the spirit in glee,
Unknowing of the future’s worry.

And oh! The grave pain came in
Like ballast of being insane.
How could I take her lusty sin
When I saw her in perfect frame?

How could I picture the scene
When I highly appreciated her bannered name?
That blew a fire,
Converted blames into peaceful destruction.

And weeping rushed
From my sleepless eyes of innocence.
How could I continue my aim
When visions were already broken?

It lasted months of enduring
Until time helped me
Not in chasing pain but of reminding

That I’m turning 18.


Anonymous said...

Just want to test whether this domain name is not really fictional.. i guess not.. nice one...

EL-EL said...

What do you mean?..thank you for the comment. :)

Anonymous said...

how nice.. yeah. I like it
gud luck for you success...

jitesh upadhyay said...

a person having a great heart can be a great creature ...i am speechless now